The Fat Loss Troubleshoot Diet Review

Losing fat is a process that is considered to be too ‘complicated’ for a lot of people.

Surprisingly, it is way more difficult to understand in comparison to understanding how a person is able to gain fat by simply eating and living a sedentary lifestyle.

Due to the many factors involved in the process, it can be overwhelming for a lot people to understand, which is why a guide that tackles the different aspects of fat loss is very useful – and this is what the Fat Loss Troubleshoot offers you.

About Fat Loss Troubleshoot Diet The Fat Loss Troubleshoot is an eBook by Leigh Peele, who is a NASM certified personal trainer.

She is also an author of another book which is The Metabolic Repair Manual.

The Fat Loss Troubleshoot is actually more of an informational guide rather than a diet program itself.

The book informs its readers about the different aspects of how a person loses fat and how the body gains fat.


The books explains all the basic concepts that are involved in the process of losing fat such as calories, types of foods and how the body processes nutrients.

You get to understand what calories are, why you need them, and how much you have to consume so that you could maintain, lose, or gain weight.

You’ll learn what proteins, carbohydrates, and fats are, along with their roles in fat loss, and how much grams of each should you be consuming every day.

It teaches you to be conscious with what you eat, as it puts heavy emphasis on the types of food and how much you have to consume every day.

The program also puts importance on weighing your food and keeping track of them via a journal.

You learn the skill of meal planning, which is a good thing especially if you’re the type of person who loves to eat out.

This would help you develop cooking skills and develop your skill of having healthy food choices, even if you’re dining out.

The book also empowers the importance of having an active lifestyle and engaging in aerobic exercises.

This means you don’t need to put all your efforts into losing fat through diet, but also through physical activities.

This doubles the effect and ensures that you get efficient results from the program.


If you’re the type of person that hates math, then this program may not be suited for you.

Its emphasis on calorie counting and food weighing can be really much of an inconvenience to some people, especially for the busy ones.

Tracking the food you eat and journaling them could be another inconvenient aspect of the program.


All in all, the program seems to adhere with the other major tenets of losing fat that other diets use and most experts agree on.

Hence, the practices that the book suggests are nothing new or special.

However, this doesn’t mean they’re not effective.