How To Stop Binge Eating

How to stop emotional eating? Emotional eating happens when people use food as a way of coping with negative feelings such as anxiety, anger, grief and boredom. Emotional eating can lead to overeating of foods that are high in fats and sugar and make it very hard for those who are afflicted by it to lose weight despite the fact that they might have an otherwise healthy diet. Once you understand how to stop overeating and end emotional eating you will find it much simpler to lose weight and achieve the shape you’ve always dreamed of.

Fortunately if you have problems with emotional eating there are things you can do to restore control of your eating habits and stop it sabotaging your weight loss attempts. The initial step which you need to take to overcome emotional eating is to identify what your individual triggers are for it. One way to do this is maintain a food log of the meals that you are eating every week and the way you were feeling at the time you were eating them. This should help you to distinguish the triggers of your overeating and help you to avoid them in the future.

If you are using food as a reward following a tough day’s work try having a different treat at the end of the day. Try unwinding in a long hot bath, reading your favorite book or even just taking a walk for an hour and getting some fresh air.

Make sure that you are getting enough rest each night and you exercise regularly. Getting enough sleep every night is crucial to keep a healthy weight as studies have demonstrated that lack of sleep is directly related to stomach weight gain. The reason being the body releases a hormone called cortisol when it’s not properly rested and cortisol causes the body to keep more food as fat.

It is important to follow a well balanced and nutritious diet to make sure that your body is getting all the energy it needs. You are more likely to give in to overeating if you are not getting enough calories from your normal diet.

If you can clear out the fridge and cupboards of all poor quality and unhealthy food that you may binge on. Simply doing this will make it much more difficult for you to overeat.

Why do I crave sugar? Knowing how to stop sugar cravings is essential for anybody hoping to lose weight. Foods which are high in sugars also have a tendency to be very high in calories and so are terrible for your diet regime. The reason the body craves sugar is because of changes in the blood sugar level as when it goes down your body needs more sugar to top it up. The key to beating cravings for sugar is to try to keep your glucose levels as consistent as you can and this may be done by decreasing the amount of sugary foods which you eat and exchanging them with foods that release their energy bit by bit over a long period of time.

Overeating is not a straightforward topic and there are no magic cures for it. However it isn’t impossible to beat and with some time and support from your friends and family it is possible to whip it. For information about how to stop binge eating and how to stop binging there are lots of good websites which you can check out on the internet. Once you know how to stop food cravings and how to curb sugar cravings you will find it much easier to lose weight.